from by Seversun



Blank my stare is through these walls
Built around my grief
Desperate, burning angst
Whole life for relief

Rain's lament... owl's weep...
Raging hope... hoping bleed...
Never gone... never trust...
Your next word... your last cast...

The more I believe, the less of you holds me
And deeper I fall into a trap of despair

Minutes last as years
Confess for every act
Years last as timelessness
Whole life is not enough

Dissolved in wait
Dissolved in solitude
Gaining all my cold
Seeking warmth in you

Tears in rain... bittersweet...
Live in vain... once to see...
Longing hands... glazing eyes...
Forevermore... you've gone awhile...

The more I believe, the less of you holds me
And deeper I fall into a trap of despair
Forevermore I'm broken hollow
You've gone awhile forevermore

Sacrificial timespan
Immolated infinity
Running out of time
One and only adoration

Forevermore you've gone awhile
Ever after I hate the time
Forevermore you've gone awhile

Praying to holy ghost
Falling to frantic reveries
Living the life of wreath

Loving together, dying alone
My desperation, eternal woe

Forevermore you’ve gone awhile
Forevermore I’m broken hollow
Forevermore you’ve gone awhile


from New World Chaos, released April 3, 2017
Timur Chubaklar - vocals
Max Krasilnikov - rhythm guitars
Shamil Usarov - lead & backing vocals, rhythm, lead & acoustic guitars

Music: Krasilnikov, Usarov
Lyrics: Usarov, Chubaklar




Seversun Moscow, Russia

Metal is too diverse to leave something aside, whether its thrash, death, black, progressive, hardcore, folk, stoner or any other kind of heavy music. We tend to play with no genre restrictions, no limitations, no cliches — just pure metal. Heavy, driven, melodic, intelligent and emotional. ... more

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