from by Seversun



Mankind is humming under the impression
Polluting seven billions of heads
We have become the byword of enervation
Stop-gap measures impressed the mob

We wait for consequence to come
To walk along to be history
We have done it all to be
The only species to extinct

Planet is fine - people are fucked
Our mother had just opted abortion
The hour of Earth for a lifetime of crap
Pissing green on our plastic bottle coffin

We wait for consequence to come
To walk along to be history
We can't make us not to be
The only species to extinct

Here we are — the angels on the earth
Beholding eyeless the world inherited
Anoited Ones, the self selected Lords
We live in last illusion of prosperity

But no escape from dismal chime of bells
The sound to crown our latest chapter
We'll try to hold scattering sand
Human existence's slipping ashes

As we drown in our hopes and ambitions
We regret though still don't understand

We've waited consequence to come
We went along, we are history
We couldn't do a thing not to be
The only species to extinct
The only species to extinct

In the end we will know
Threat was only ourselves
Sad that we will never see
The Eden after us


from New World Chaos, released April 3, 2017
Timur Chubaklar - vocals
Max Krasilnikov - rhythm guitars
Shamil Usarov - rhythm & lead guitars, backing vocals

Music: Usarov, Krasilnikov
Lyrics: Usarov, Chubaklar




Seversun Moscow, Russia

Metal is too diverse to leave something aside, whether its thrash, death, black, progressive, hardcore, folk, stoner or any other kind of heavy music. We tend to play with no genre restrictions, no limitations, no cliches — just pure metal. Heavy, driven, melodic, intelligent and emotional. ... more

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