Just Low

from by Seversun



Cold sweat covers your face
Loveliness turned to disgrace

Drug is a prison - sentence’s infinity
Step down off heaven, you aren’t angel
Loosing in fantasy, princess of extasy
Over again I’m talking to you!

Offered heaven rejected
Ignoring my caress
Begone! Just low!
Road to Barathrum

Remember moments of blessing
Looking for answers: where and when?
Opium vortex sucking you down
Rotting to the core - fatal disease

Offered heaven rejected
Ignoring my caress
Begone! Just low!
You’re on the end of a dead-end road

Once beloved
Horrid now
I'll make your disease
Come to an end

Offered heaven rejected
Ignored my caress
Begone! Just low!
You won't hurt yourself no more

Sweet dreams jadish angel
Wings are burnt in grave you've landed
Crucified for your affection


from New World Chaos, released April 3, 2017
Timur Chubaklar - vocals
Max Krasilnikov - rhythm guitars
Shamil Usarov - rhythm & lead guitars

Music: Usarov
Lyrics: Chubaklar, Usarov




Seversun Moscow, Russia

Metal is too diverse to leave something aside, whether its thrash, death, black, progressive, hardcore, folk, stoner or any other kind of heavy music. We tend to play with no genre restrictions, no limitations, no cliches — just pure metal. Heavy, driven, melodic, intelligent and emotional. ... more

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