Keep the Hate Clean

from by Seversun



Step by step you march, you fight
You kill, you’ll die and never born again
Raise your fist, break your psyche
Show respect for all the brothers

You are alone in your deception
You are betrayer of honour and trust
Man with no reason for pride and self-respect
Worthless scum, you bury your own...

...blood! Drive, spite, euphoria!
Live in shit but keep the blood clean
Here the town, your land – the frontline
Here you’ll rot in the grave of generation

You are alone in your exility
You are bastard of your own blood
Man with no reason for pride and self-respect
Worthless scum! Dishonor! Mistrust!

You are alone in your aggression
Dark time waters will show your come-down
Man with no reason for pride and self-respect
You’re not the chosen one

Choking down your 14/88
Writhe your last despicable hail
As all of your ancestors faded to dust
Your fate is oblivion

The God is not with you!


from New World Chaos, released April 3, 2017
Timur Chubaklar - vocals
Max Krasilnikov - rhythm guitars
Shamil Usarov - rhythm & lead guitars

Music: Krasilnikov, Maushov
Lyrics: Chubaklar, Usarov




Seversun Moscow, Russia

Metal is too diverse to leave something aside, whether its thrash, death, black, progressive, hardcore, folk, stoner or any other kind of heavy music. We tend to play with no genre restrictions, no limitations, no cliches — just pure metal. Heavy, driven, melodic, intelligent and emotional. ... more

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